astrological signs on blogger accounts – how to get rid of them

In the course commenting about the UUA elections and reading about this Sunday’s tragedy in Knoxville I’ve come across many UU blogs and have often encountered a blogger’s astrological signs listed in their profile. And lo and behold, my own profile showed them!


Most of you know that astrology is a pseudo science that has conclusively been proven to be utter bunk. There’s no mechanism to effect the supposed influence of ‘the stars’, the so called alignment points to empty space in the sky because the earth has rotated away from the position that it had when the ‘constellations’ were first put on paper, the attribution of ‘properties’ is totally arbitrary and assigned differently in different cultures, the predictive track record of astrology is zero and always has been, and the psychological mechanism of ‘recognizing’ horoscope descriptions as personally valid are well studied as cognitive delusions.

It’s utter rubbish for the gullible.

People have an aversion to hearing that something is false, claiming we can’t ‘really’ know what is true. This is a logical reverse that doesn’t hold up. Astrology’s claims have been shown to be false, unsupported and contradicted by evidence, and without predictive power. There is no way to assign astrology any likelihood of being somehow true. That’s when you have no choice but to call it false.

I would urge you to get rid of those absurd ‘descriptors’ if you have a blogger account. Just go to your profile and look for the appropriate check box. Unfortunately, it’s checked by default.

What’s next, I’d like to ask Blogger? Make it mandatory to indicate my “personal Feng Shui color”?


(The image is linked from the fabulous James Randi Education Foundation whose aim is “to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today.”)


3 Responses to astrological signs on blogger accounts – how to get rid of them

  1. Jaume says:

    Martin, how many beliefs in our “big tent” of religious syncretism do you think that could be qualified as “utter rubbish for the gullible”? I think that there is one more every day somewhere. From that point of view, discussing about the validity of astrology is utterly pointless. Let’s face it: we are no longer a rational religion, and now you can leave your brain at the church door and still be a Unitarian Universalist.

  2. juuggernaut says:

    I’d postulate a fundamental difference. Astrologers make predictions as well as ‘scientific’ statements about the physical world. Part of their appeal is exactly that claim of predictive power, as ‘science’.
    With religions, such claims admittedly also exist but are more subtle and implicit, and emotional. For community’s sake I’m willing to put up with some crass irrationalism in my own tent but feel justified and righteous in going after what is mere superstition, stupidity, bad intellectual habit, or scientific ignorance.
    Astrology is causing massive damage. In India, the former ruling party installed Astrology Departments at universities by threat of withholding funds. Major decisions can be cancelled on the say so of an astrologer, causing expensive change of plans, etc. Not good, and totally baseless.

  3. Jaume says:

    If these claims are more subtle and emotional with religions, then I find that we should be more afraid of religions than of astrology!

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