Candidate’s elevator speeches, Laurel Hallman & Peter Morales

The candidate forum is no longer listed among the webcasts. Here is my transcript of the two elevator speeches from my saved audio copy.

Laurel Hallman: We’re a church that was founded – at least in America – along with the freedom of our government. We believe that no Pope should tell us what we should believe and no rabbi or minister of priest should stand between us and our relationship with God. It’s unmediated. It’s a free church now, their definitions of what makes it free have expanded dramatically since those early years but those founders of the democracy of our country and also of our free faith were able to put in place a structure that could contain much more than they could even imagine. [111 words]

Peter Morales: I believe  – and if you look at the history of religion: it’s true – that religion is much less  about what we think than about what we love. And we are a group of people who loves life, who believes in compassion for one another, who believes in human dignity, who believes in peace and compassion. And if you believe in that, we have the same religion. [78 words]


Rev Hallman proceeded to say:

“Now, just as a matter of commentary, of ministerial commentary, it helps people connect with our country and with something they know and it aligns us with that in a way that is helpful and they can relate to even though is also expands the definition. So, I found that to be a helpful elevator speech.”

Rev Morales speech was followed by applause, then the moderator read the next question.

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One Response to Candidate’s elevator speeches, Laurel Hallman & Peter Morales

  1. Robin Edgar says:

    It’s almost as if Rev. Hallman is not so subtly suggesting that U*Uism is, or could be, the state religion of the USA. . . I am not big on the thinly veiled anti-Catholic swipe at the Pope, especially since UUA officials and U*U ministers are pretty good at telling people what they should believe.

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