Hallman and Morales debate, tune in Sat 6:45 pm Eastern

A first debate of the two candidates for president of the UUA happens (and is webcast live!) Saturday evening at 6:45-8p.m. Eastern time. Many congregations feature it live as it’s more fun to watch it together and stick around for a discussion. Plan to attend!




The stream is at


and the full UUA webcast schedule is here: 


Both candidates have websites with a campaign blog (screenshots and links above)

(At present Laurel’s blog is RSS syndicated and automatically picked up by http://uupdates.net, Peter’s not yet due to a tech issue).

This should get interesting! 

Unlike the US presidential race with its artificial ‘issues’ and general horse race character the UUA’s candidates are focussing on real issues that will decide the future of our movement.

Blogs can be a good forum to exchange views and arguments on that front provided that people behave in a civil manner. One blogger raised flags about possible hijacking of threads by partisan commenters, spam-like flooding with posts and such. Let’s not overreact to something that hasn’t even occurred yet. A discussion over the goals and qualifications of the new president is necessary and should not be artificially censored by overeager blogiquette.

Regardless of whom you’ll eventually favor, it’ll provide deep insights into this religious movement and the hurdles it faces.

The election is a year away but the sooner we start the discussion over goals and priorities the better. Read up on Laurel’s and Peter’s positions and their track records!

The worst that can happen is that the candidates’ positions morph indistinguishably into each other – then we’d be left with no real choice 🙂


2 Responses to Hallman and Morales debate, tune in Sat 6:45 pm Eastern

  1. Chuck B. says:

    You know Juugs, I wish there was a panel set up to discuss the comparative views of the candidates.

    I’m interested in this election because it has some interesting parallels to the primary as well as contrasts. Also this currently seems a choice between a candidate who has a reviewable, well thought out, plan and one who has so far only spoken in vague ideas.

    I would love some blogger or other person write down objectively the differences between the two.

    Maybe Arron Sawyer of Discoveruu.org could set up a blog aimed at just the issues.

  2. juuggernaut says:

    It’s very early in the process. So far, both candidates were written up side to side in UU World (the Paradise issue) and had some initial traffic to their sites. What is out there at present may only be convincing to folks with personal loyalties who know one of them well. There is not yet enough substance. Hopefully this short debate Saturday gives people a better impression.
    One thing though about comparing: it’s saddening how expensive this campaign is, and how disparate their “war chests” are. Money can’t buy you love but it can pay for staff, travel, media, promotional material, conference booths, and better cheese & crackers at receptions.

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